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All Saints Primary School

"Aiming High"


At All Saints, we have specialist staff and a whole range of programmes to help support children's social and emotional development. Look at the categories below to find out more about what we offer.

Pastoral Lead

"My name is Miss Latham and I am the Pastoral Lead at All Saints. It is my job to support you with a range of things, such as: recognising and understanding your emotions, behaviour, self-esteem, building positive relationships and many other things. But most importantly, to provide you with a safe, therapeutic space where you can feel heard, valued and safe. Emotions, and life at times can be difficult to understand but having a trusted person to talk to can help. I am always here, whether that is to support with a specific concern, a check in or just a chat!"

Learning Mentor

"Hi, I’m Mr Allan. I’m a Learning Mentor. It’s my job to support you when you need a little extra help. That might be help with learning, or feelings, or friends, or anything else. I will make time for you if you want to talk, whether you have a problem or just want a chat. Oh, and if something breaks, bring it to me and I will try and help you fix it."

Art Therapist

"Hello, my name is Dave and I am an art therapist working at Armitage Primary School. If you are struggling with feelings or emotions that are difficult to understand, then art therapy might help you. Using the art materials can be a good way of trying to work out what is going on and we can use the art work you make to think and talk about your experiences, which may change the way you feel."


Whenever needed, especially after break times, all children across the school are able to take part in relaxation or visualisation activities. These exercises and activities allow the children to regain focus and give them time to settle after what may have been an over exciting break time. The children really enjoy elements of relaxation and find themselves feeling calm, focused and classroom ready. 

The Coral Room

The Coral Room is a safe, nurturing, therapeutic space where our pupils can come for any additional support with their emotional well-being. Within the Coral Room, we offer bespoke, tailored sessions such as Art Therapy, emotional literacy, therapeutic play, Lego Therapy, friendship groups and sensory play sessions.

Our pupils can access the Coral as part of a small group or on a 1-1 basis. If you're struggling with the way you're feeling, or you feel that you need a trusted adult to speak to, the Coral Room is a safe place for this to happen. You can explore how you feel and together with a member of the Pastoral Team, begin to understand your emotions and develop strategies to support you.

The Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room is set up to meet the needs of many children across the school from those with specific technical weaknesses to children with SEND. The provision is a nurturing environment which is designed to allow children to develop as competent and independent learners. As an inclusive school, the children identified for interventions access the Sunshine Room for sessions each day within a small group and then return to their mainstream lessons. This develops their confidence to join in and learn with their peers.