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All Saints Primary School

Aiming High



At All Saints Primary School, reading and books are at the heart of our curriculum.   Pupils are taught reading skills and work to develop them through a range of methods, activities and resources:


 Guided Reading:  Each child will read with an adult twice each week, once with their class teacher and another reading session with a teaching assistant.

Shared reading: Each class has a quality text for each half term which all of the class enjoy together. This will be the stimuli for our writing . Some classes have a whole class set of their chosen text to read together.

Home reading:  From Nursery through to Year 6, all children have access to a range of appropriate texts which they take home to read with parents/carers or independently.   

Accelerated Reading:  Children from Year 3 to Year 6 take part in Accelerated Reading, where the books which they take home and the success of home reading can be more closely monitored by their class teachers.  The children in each class compete to see who can read and then pass the most quizzes, who reads the most words and who is most accurate in their reading.  The outcomes of this competition are shared weekly, at Upper School Phase Assembly.

Salford Library Service: Each half term class teachers request book sets on loan from Salford Library Service, this way we are able to effectively supplement the quality of text which we have in school.   Each 'book box' will contain non-fiction texts linked with project and science topics.  Teachers also request project linked books, additional guided reading or whole class texts, author focus boxes etc.   All of these books are available to support children in developing their reading skills as well as a love for reading.

The Reading Shed:  This was added to our playground in Spring 2018.  This is an outdoor 'summer house' which has some comfortable cushions and a range of great books which children can read and share together at lunchtime and playtime.

School Library:   Our school library is currently under review.

Crackin Comprehension:  This is a teacher resource used to support children in developing their skills in inference and analysis of text.

Project X Code:  This is a reading intervention used predominantly in Lower School.   A target group of up to 6 pupils take part in an adventurous reading journey, developing their reading along the way.

FFT (Fischer Family Trust): This reading intervention is used with pupils in small groups, to target reading fluency and beginning steps in comprehension.

BRP (Better Reading Partners):  This intervention is run 1-1 with teaching assistants.  Pupils are targeted for this support when they are not yet making expected progress in reading comprehension.

Inference Training:  This intervention is targeted predominantly at our oldest pupils, its aim is to specifically develop comprehension and understanding of lang