At All Saints Primary School, reading and quality texts are at the heart of our curriculum. We have created a positive reading culture around school to reflect this. We aim to instil a love for reading in all children, as well as supporting pupils to become confident readers who are able to access the full curriculum and apply their skills in wider life. 

 We are very proud of our new library which we have been developing over the last 2 years. Our library is a calm, inviting space which children love to spend time in,  We have a growing number of quality fiction and non-fiction books which are available for children across school to borrow. 

Guided Reading:  Children are taught in Whole Class Guided Reading sessions in Years 3-6. Children are taught in smaller Guided Reading groups in EYFS and KS1. Year 2 move to Whole Class Guided Reading in the Spring Term. 

Home reading:  We greatly value the role that parents and carers play in supporting their children with reading at home. From Nursery through to Year 6, we encourage reading at home as part of a daily routine. Children in EYFS and KS1 take home a reading book each week which is closely match to the phonics phase at which they are working, They also take a story book home each week to share with an adult. Children in KS2 take books home as part of our Accelerated Reader programme. 

Accelerated Reading:  Children from Year 3 to Year 6 take part in Accelerated Reading, where the books which they take home and the success of home reading can be more closely monitored by their class teachers.  The children in each class compete to see who can read and then pass the most quizzes, who reads the most words and who is most accurate in their reading. Accelerated Reading books are replenished regularly and on-going audits mean that new books of all types are available to pupils From Year 3, children also have access to MyON, an online digital library containing hundreds of fiction and non fiction books. This is linked to Accelerated Reader and allows children to take quizzes on the books they have read to test their comprehension.

Salford Library Service: Each half term class teachers request book sets on loan from Salford Library Service. This way, we are able to effectively supplement the quality of texts which we have in school.   Each 'book box' will contain non-fiction texts linked with project and science topics.  Teachers also request topic linked books, additional guided reading and whole class texts, author focus boxes etc.   All of these books are available to support children in developing their reading skills as well as a love for reading.