Welcome to Maths here at All Saints! Below you can find links to useful websites and our school's maths pages. 


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Calculation Policy

There are many different methods to calculate different problems. To find out about the methods we use and teach, please look at our calculation policy - click here.

Sticky Knowledge Starters

To help knowledge stick with us, we use 'Sticky Knowledge Starters'. This happens during the starter activity before every maths lesson every day. We have created a page to show you what Sticky Knowledge Starter your child will be focusing on week by week. To view this, please click here.

Maths Manipulatives

Come and see the manipulatives that are used by children in their classrooms during each maths lesson. These are available to use each lesson to aid in learning - click here.

Times Table Rock Stars

Each child from Years 2-6 has a password to log in to their own Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) account. We thoroughly recommend that children use this to practise their times table knowledge. It is fun and interactive as children work their way through the leaderboard. Please click here to go to our TTRS page, which then links to the website.

Whole School Maths Morning

To find out about our Maths Morning, please click here.