Spelling is a key part of the development of writing.   In school we use a range of different key resources for teaching spelling.    Spelling begin in Nursery with children learning letter sounds and to write their name, as pupils progress through early years their spelling is very closely linked with phonics learning.   More information about Phonics can be found through the English menu.   

As children move from Year 1 and through school, spelling is taught more specifically in particular spelling patterns, rules and families.   Every week pupils are set spelling homework.  This will be a list of, up to 10, age and ability appropriate words.    The pupils are expected to learn to spell these words at home with practise time in class also, before the have a short spelling test on Fridays.  

In addition to spelling words, all pupils should bring home a Knowledge Organiser at the beginning of each half term.  On this document parents are shown key topic words for pupils to learn to read and where they can, write.   

In the file list below you will find further information about teaching and learning spelling as well as national expectations, as set out in National Curriculum 2014 or from Department for Education.

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