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Mrs Walsh

We should now be in the second half of the Summer Term - your final half term in Year 5! We would have been reading the book 'Anglo-Saxon Boy' and our new topics would have been 'The Anglo-Saxons' and 'Materials and their Properties'. There will be some tasks around these topics on the website below and on Purple Mash. I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying spending time with your families. Keep smiling everyone! I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

If you want me to see any of your fabulous work that you have completed, take a picture and send it to: 


Message for parents and carers - If your child has SEND and is struggling to access some of the tasks I have set, they can access the Sunshine Room page. They are also very welcome to use any of the other class pages and complete activities there. You are also welcome to contact Mrs Reed if you have any questions or concerns. Her email address is 


Home Learning - week commencing 29.6.20

Daily Tasks

Purple Mash has created some extra daily tasks for the week that you can complete at home - either log in to Purple Mash and check your 'To Do's, or access this weeks activities here: Purple Mash Activities

Monday - 29.6.20

Maths - This week, we are moving on to some new learning. Today, we will be learning to measure angles using a protractor. Make sure you watch the video carefully - you can watch it more than once if you need to! Then have a go at the activities. Remember to try your best and email me if you have any questions! e.walsh@allsaints-pri.manchester.sch.uk

Watch the video here: Measuring angles using a protractor

Then try the activities below

Writing - Look at this image entitled 'Moving House'

resource image

Think about and try to answer these questions as full sentences:


What did Harry see what he looked out of the window?

How do you think he felt when he looked out?

Why might Harry not have realised what was happening sooner?

Of all the possessions you have in your house?

Which are the most important to you?

If you could afford to buy everything that you ever wanted, what would you buy?

Would buying all of these things mean that you were happy?

Reading - Read this extract from 'The Parent Agency' by David Baddiel and then answer the questions that follow. 


'... so I thought maybe on my birthday, next Saturday, when I wake up, it would be good if waiting outside was an Aston Martin DB6...' Barry was saying, in between forkfuls of low-sugar, low-salt baked beans on jacket potato.

'An Aston Martin! Write that down, Ginny!'

'I’m writing it down, Kay!'

Barry carried on looking at his dad. He had chosen not to recognise his younger twin sisters. Barry often snuck a glance at his dad’s Daily or Sunday Express, as he knew that James Bond would have to be aware of when dangerous stuff was happening in the world, and he had read that some countries did this to other ones, sometimes. So similarly he did not call his eight-year-old twin sisters Ginny and Kay but The Sisterly Entity or TSE for short.

He did, however, out of the corner of his eye, catch them doing that sarcastic thing they did, when one of them – Barry didn’t like separating TSE into two, as that was kind of recognising that they existed, but if he had to, he would refer to them as Sisterly Entities One and Two – would pretend to write down something he said, as if it was really important. Which of course was their way of saying that it wasn’t important at all. Barry really hated it when they did that.

'... so, Dad, on our birthday can you take us somewhere in a Rolls-Royce? Which you can keep in the garage next to the Aston Martin!' said Sisterly Entity One.

'Ha ha ha!' laughed Sisterly Entity Two, who was still running her index finger across her palm as part of the pretending-to-write-down-stupid-stuff-Barry-says mime.

'Yeah, well, they’re not that expensive to hire. I checked online,' said Barry, trying as much as possible not to look at them. 'And then maybe you can have, like, a tuxedo Dad ready for me to wear and a cake with 007 on it, and all my friends can come dressed as Bond villains, and maybe you can have the film soundtrack playing, and you, Dad, you can be Q, showing me gadgets, like a jet pack and a pen that’s actually a gun, and - '

'Sorry, Barry, what?' His dad put down his Sunday Express.

'Weren’t you listening? Da-ad!'

'Barry, please don’t say 'Dad' like that.'

'Like what?'

'Like when you give it two syllables. And go right down on the second one. On the -ad.' This was Barry’s mum speaking.

Think about the following:

  • How do Ginny and Kay react to Barry?

  • Do his Mum and Dad defend him or make the situation worse for Barry?

  • Is it just harmless fun with some sarcasm?

  • Or do you actually feel sorry for Barry?


Write a short paragraph in response to the question, ’Do you feel sympathy towards Barry or is it just a bit of fun?'

Computing - I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash for you to reply to an email sent to you by a friend asking for your advice. Use your knowledge of Online Safety to give them the best advice you can for their situation. 

 Tuesday - 30.6.20

Maths - Today, we will look at drawing angles accurately using a protractor. Watch the video carefully to enhance your understanding of angles. If you have a protractor at home, then try to draw some angles accurately on a piece of paper - remember to label the angle - then answer the questions below. If you do not have a protractor, then try question 2 and (if you have a ruler) question 7. Remember to email me if you have any questions!


Watch the video here: Drawing angles accurately.

Writing - 

These sentences are sick - can you rewrite them so they are better? Try to use relative clauses, adverbs and adjectives and adverbial openers!

Harry looked out of the window. He was shocked. The house was flying.

Write a brief description about what Harry saw out of the window and how he felt - try to use show, not tell.

Reading - Read this second extract from 'The Parent Agency' by David Baddiel, then try the activity below.


'Write that face down, Ginny!'

'I’m... a... really... stupid... looking... boy...' said Sisterly Entity Two, moving her finger slowly across her palm.

And suddenly a feeling that had been welling up inside Barry for... well, since his dad had closed the door on Jake and Taj and Lukas just before tea, but in another way for much longer than that, maybe ever since he’d understood that, unfortunately, his name was Barry – a feeling that he wanted to both cry and shout and break something all at the same time – exploded out of him.

'I hate you because you’re boring! And tired ALL THE TIME! And always TELLING ME OFF FOR NOTHING! And saying, ‘That’s a swear,’ when all I’ve done is say 'BUM!''

'Barry. That’s a swear!' said his mum.

'NO IT ISN’T! And because you’re so much nicer to THEM...' He pointed at TSE. They both grinned at the same time. '...than to ME! And because...' Barry realised by now that he was doing the list in his bedroom. He decided to miss out Numbers 8 and 9 – ‘Not being glamorous’ and ‘Being poor’ – since even in his rage he knew that they might just sound a bit too horrible out loud. especially as loud as he was speaking now. 'And... YOU NEVER, EVER MAKE MY BIRTHDAY REALLY GOOD!!'

There was a short pause after he shouted this. Then Sisterly Entity One said:

'Write that down, Ginny.'

'I’m writing it down, Kay.'

'Right,' said Barry’s dad. 'Well, if that’s how you feel, we won’t have a screening of Casino Royale on your birthday!'

'GREAT!' shouted Barry and he threw the DVD across the room. It spun round in the air as it made its way towards the sink. Barry was secretly quite proud of the throw; his wrist had flicked sharply as he’d released the disc, like an Olympic discus champion.

'BARRY!!' his dad shouted. So loudly that, for the first time this dinner time, Barry’s mum looked up from the dishwasher. Just in time to be hit in the eye by a copy of Casino Royale, starring David Niven.

'OW!' she said, falling backwards and out of sight again.

Barry heard a bump. Then one of the egg-timers, the red one, fell of the kitchen counter and smashed.

'Uh-oh', he thought.

'RIGHT, BARRY, THAT’S IT! GO TO YOUR ROOM!' said his dad, pointing upstairs – stupidly, really, as Barry knew the way.

'ALL RIGHT I WILL!' Barry shouted back.

And because he was a little frightened by now, he ran out of the kitchen as fast as he could, swerving at the last minute to avoid the bits of glass and sand from the egg-timer which was sprinkled all over the floor.

Many different events happen in this extract. What do you think is the turning point, the pivotal moment?

Is it when Barry realises that he is getting angrier? Is it something that somebody says? Is it when he throws the DVD?

Write a short paragraph where you identify the turning point and explain your choice. Within the paragraph, you could also identify your other possible choices and explain why you have disregarded them.

History - The Anglo Saxons lived in Hillforts. Learn about hillforts using this link: Hillforts

Then create a leaflet or poster to explain what hillforts are and why the Anglo Saxons used them. Include as much information as you can.

Wednesday - 1.7.20

Maths -Today, we will learn how to calculate angles on a straight line. Watch the video here: Angles on a straight line

Remember that you can watch the video as many times as you need to!

Then try the activities below.

Writing - Sentence Challenge

Can you use adverbs in your writing to describe how something is done?

Can you use adverbs before nouns?

Can you use adverbs after nouns?

Add adverbs into this Story Starter Passage below to make it more interesting. 

Harry Shepherd opened his eyes and gazed up at his bedroom ceiling. He crinkled his eyes up and yawned, then rubbed the sleep from them and sat on the edge of his bed. The previous evening his mum had opened the window slightly, letting a gentle breeze through. Mrs Shepherd knew that her son preferred it when the house was cool at night.

However, when Harry sat on the edge of his bed, his room was not cool: it was freezing! Harry shivered, pulling his Spiderman duvet over his bare legs. “What on Earth?” he muttered to himself. There was a gale blowing through his bedroom window. Thinking that it must be an extremely windy day, Harry walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out a jumper. Pulling the jumper down over his head, Harry strolled over to the open window. He drew back the red curtains expecting to see the leaves blowing all over their garden. Maybe even the garden furniture had blown over like it had last time the weather was bad.

The sight that met Harry as he gazed out of the window was certainly not what he had expected…

Reading - Re-read both extracts from 'The Parent Agency' by David Baddiel from earlier in the week.

Write a short passage to explain what your impressions of Barry are.

Imagine that you have the opportunity to ask Mum, Dad, Kay and Ginny that question. What do you think they would say?

Write a couple of sentences in role as each character in response to the question, ‘What is your impression of Barry?’ or ‘How do you feel about Barry?’

Have some fun writing in role as four different characters.

Art - Research a famous artist of your choosing to create a factfile page about them. I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash for you to complete this on. Don't forget to hand in your work so I can see what you have done!

Thursday -  2.7.20

Maths - Today we will learn how to calculate angles around a point. Watch the video carefully - remember to watch it as many times as you need to, then try the activities below.

Watch the video here: Angles around a point

Writing - Read this extract from the play 'Macbeth'. 


On a foul, bleak night, rain lashed across the Scottish heath, and through the roaring thunder and cracking lightning came an unearthly cry:

'When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?'

'When the hurlyburly’s done,' came the answer. 'When the battle’s lost and won.'

'Where the place?'

'Upon the heath.'

'There to meet with Macbeth,' said a third voice.

The following morning, the beating of a drum could be heard across the same bleak landscape. Closer and closer it came to the place where the unearthly cries had been heard. The drum beat heralded Macbeth and Banquo, two Scottish generals returning home to Inverness.

They had just defeated an army of rebels who had risen against Macbeth’s cousin, King Duncan. Few had ever seen such courage as the two generals had shown in the battle. It was said that Macbeth had brandished his sword with such speed that it smoked with the blood of his enemies. Certainly, both men were so stained with blood that even the pouring rain could not remove it.

'So foul and fair a day I have not seen,' shouted Macbeth against the storm.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, three weird creatures rose out of the gloom. Both men stopped in their tracks.

'What are these, so wither’d and so wild in their attire?' gasped Banquo.

The creatures seemed to be women, but they had beards. Were they real or were the generals imagining them?

'Are you aught that man may question?' asked Banquo. He had heard that there were witches living on the heath who could tell you your future.

The three witches, if that is what they were, put their bony fingers to their skinny lips as if to silence Banquo. They turned to Macbeth.

'All hail, Macbeth,' cried the first. 'Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis!'

Macbeth was taken aback - the first witch had addressed him correctly, but how did she know who he was?

'All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane
 of Cawdor!' said the second, which was strange, as he was not the Thane of Cawdor.

Strangest of all was the third witch’s greeting: 'All hail, Macbeth, thou shall be king thereafter!'

Read the extract again to find any information related to the three witches.

Think about what they look like and what we know about their behaviour and character.

Write a short paragraph to describe the three witches.

Reading - Look at this picture, then read the 'Story Starter' below. 

resource image

Story starter!

Macy kept her powers secret. Not even her parents knew about the things she could do.

Macy had known from a very young age that she was different, and although she was fascinated by the magic that she possessed, it also frightened her.

Her younger sister, Judith, gripped her hand tightly. She was the only person that Macy had trusted with her secret, so far…


Try answering these questions based on the image and 'Story Starter'

Why has Macy not told anyone else about her power?

Why has she told her sister?

What power is it that Macy possesses?

How do you think Judith feels about Macy and her powers?

Why are the two children walking along the road at night?

How would you feel if you saw Macy performing this feat?

How might Macy use these powers in the future?

Would you like to have Macy’s power?

What problems might Macy face?

French - learn about the day, time and month in French using this link: Day, time and month

 Friday - 3,7.20

Maths - Have a go at this Maths Challenge

Zids and Zods
You will need:
- Paper and pencil

What to do:
Read the problem carefully. What mathematical knowledge will you need to use to work it out?

Zids have 4 spots.
Zods have 9 spots.

Altogether some Zids and Zods have 48 spots.

How many Zids are there?
How many Zods?

What if Zids have 5 spots, Zods have 7 spots and there are 140 spots altogether?

Find as many solutions as you can.

Writing - Read this second extract from 'Macbeth'


Macbeth couldn’t wait to tell his wife all that had happened, so he sent a letter ahead to her.

Her excitement grew as she read it, for she was even greedier for power than Macbeth. She could already see the golden crown of Scotland on her husband’s head. Macbeth was ambitious, but he had a sense of honour. Lady Macbeth was quite ruthless and only honoured power and ambition. She was capable of destroying anyone who stood in her husband’s way.

By the time Macbeth reached his castle, Lady Macbeth was already plotting 
King Duncan’s death!

When she greeted Macbeth she saw that his thoughts had also turned to murder, but she was worried by his lack of cunning.

'Your face, my thane, 
is as a book where men may read strange matters,' she warned him. 'Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t.'

Their talk was interrupted by the arrival of King Duncan and his two sons, Prince Malcolm and Prince Donalbain. The king was delighted by the sweet air around the castle, and by Lady Macbeth, who appeared so charming and welcoming. But Lady Macbeth was secretly urging her husband to kill him that night.

In preparation for the evil deed, Lady Macbeth drugged King Duncan’s two guards, who lay beside the king as he slept.

Now that murder had become a reality, Macbeth was agonizing over it. King Duncan was a good and gentle man, and a guest in Macbeth’s house. It was his duty to protect the king, not to murder him.

'We will proceed no further in this business,' he told his wife. 'If we should fail?'

'Screw your courage to the sticking-place and we’ll not fail!' Lady Macbeth scorned.

So, swayed by his wife, Macbeth reluctantly agreed to murder the king as he lay in bed that night. Lady Macbeth’s evil heart swelled with satisfaction and she retired to her chamber to await the time.

At the beginning of the extract, we learn that Macbeth sends his wife a letter to tell her about what happened on the moors with the three witches.

Write all or part of the letter Macbeth writes to his wife.

Think about the following points:

  • you are writing as a soldier who has just defeated an army and has been promoted already

  • you are writing to your wife

  • you are writing to tell her about the three witches, what they told you about becoming King and how their first prediction has already come true

Reading - Read this 'Story Starter' again. 

Can you identify all of the verbs in the following sentences?

Macy and her sister walked cautiously along the road. Judith held her older sister’s hand, and squeezed it gently as the magic happened.

Macy reached up towards the streetlamp, whose head miraculously bent down as if to greet them, it’s long, thin metal body bending and twisting like a snake.

”It must be magic!” Judith whispered excitedly.

Now think about the powers that Macy possesses.

Can you draw something else extraordinary that she can do?

Use the rest of the time this week to enjoy time with your family. There have been lots of stimulating activities this week, so take some time to relax.

Continuous Learning

French - Try some of these French activities to keep up with your languages!

Comprehension Skills - listen to David Walliam's story. Summarise what happens in the story in no more than 50 words. What was your favourite part of the story? Why? What was your least favourite part? Why? Would you recommend the story to a friend? Why or why not?


Purple Mash - New 'To Do's have been set on Purple Mash for this week. Don't forget to hand in your fabulous work!


Accelerated Reading - Make sure you read and quiz on your book!


Times Table Rockstars - Keep practising your times tables! Can you beat your friends?


Daily 10 - Keep up and improve your mental maths skills using the Daily 10 Challenge. 


P.E. Lessons - Follow Joe Wicks and his online P.E. lessons to make sure you are keeping fit and moving whilst at home. Remember that exercise benefits your mental well-being too! Tune in to his YouTube channel at 9am Monday-Friday for his live videos.


The Kid Should See This - some cool videos on all different kinds of topics! Find one that interests you. Can you create an information leaflet or poster to tell someone else about it?


Myon Books - check out this FREE resource with lots of different books available for you to read - find a category and a book you like. Can you write a book review of the book?

Important Reminders



Homework will be given out on a Friday and is expected to be back in by the following Wednesday. Homework is important because it improves your memory. It also allows you to extend your learning by applying it to new situations! 



For this half term P.E. will fall on a Monday (Outdoor Games) and Tuesday (Gymnastics). Please remember to bring in your P.E. kit. As we are in the colder months please make sure you bring an extra jumper and jogging pants with you.



Spellings will be given out every Friday and you will be tested on a Friday, Spelling is important because it helps to aid your reading and improve your writing. 


Dates for your diary

3.3.20 – Year 5 Library Visit

5.3.20 – World Book Day

11.3.20 – Science Day

16.3.20 – World of Work Week

25.3.20 – Sure Start maths taster sessions (for parents and carers)

3.4.20 – Easter Eggstravaganza

3.4.20 – Finish for Easter Holidays

Year 5 Trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters

As part of our Year 5 topic of World War II, Year 5 went to Stockport Air Raid Shelters to see where people would have sheltered during the air raids. The children were amazed by how many people would fit in the tunnels below the sandstone cliff, and saw the beds people would sleep on, the toilets and kitchen they would have used and the sick bay. Children were then transported into the shoes of an evacuee and got to practice completing household chores and a gas mask drill.

Year 5 Egyptian WOW

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, Year 5 made (or at least attempted to make) pyramids out of spaghetti and marshmallows and mummified each other. The children had a great time experimenting and creating their own Egyptian wonders.