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Mrs Walsh

Welcome to the Spring! We are happy Spring Term is here and we are very excited about our new learning challenges this half term! 

Home Learning - week commencing 6.4.20

Daily Tasks

Monday - 6.4.20

Maths - Adding decimals within 1 - watch the video here: Adding Decimals Within 1 Video

Then attempt the questions here: Adding Decimals Within 1

Writing - Create a setting description from this image:

Think about using all 5 of your senses - what can you see, feel, smell, taste and hear? Don't forget to use some of the features of a Year 5 writer!

Reading - Read your accelerated reading book and take a quiz!

If you have already done this, then try this game: Non-Fiction Matching Game

You need to match the information to the type of text it is from.

Geography - Can you research the rainforests of the world in order to create an information leaflet over the week? Use this website to help you complete your research: Oddizzi

Use the username: homeschool       and the password: oddizzi     to log in.


Tuesday - 7.4.20

Maths - Subtracting decimals within 1 - watch the video here: Subtracting Decimals Within 1

Then attempt the questions hereSubtracting Decimals Within 1 Questions

Writing - The two characters in this picture have been farming in the fields all day, like normal. The sun has been beating down on them, and they are tired, thirsty and hungry. Suddenly, they hear a strange humming noise.

Predict what will happen next from this picture: 

Can you write the problem and solution to the story?

Reading - choose the correct level of text for you from the 'Rainforests' document below (1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars). Read the text and answer the questions based on the text. Check your answers are correct at the end.


Geography - continue to use the Oddizzi website (link here: Oddizzi) to research the rainforests. Find out as much information as you can to create your information leaflet!


Wednesday - 8.4.20

Maths - Complements to 1 (numbers that add together to make 1 whole). Watch the video hereComplements to 1

Answer the questions here: Complements to 1

Writing - Imagine that this is a scene from a Hollywood film:

Create the plot for this film.

Think about these questions to help you: What is the film called? What is the story about? Who are the main actors? Where is it filmed? How does the film end? What kind of audience would it be aimed at?

Challenge: The trailer is the advert you see for a film at the cinema. They show them to advertise the new films coming out. Write the script for this film's trailer.

Spelling - improve your spelling of 'cious' and 'tious' words by playing some of these games'cious' and 'tious' words

Take the test at the end to see how well you did!

Geography: Using your research over the last 2 days, create your information leaflet or poster on the rainforests. You can choose how you lay this out and present it - it can be hand written, or you can create it on the computer/tablet! Get creative! Don't forget to keep it in a safe place, or take a picture to show me your hard work!


Thursday - 9.4.20

Maths - Adding decimals crossing the whole. Watch the video here: Adding Decimals Crossing the Whole

Do the activity here: Adding Decimals Crossing the Whole Activity

Writing - This is an image of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland:

Can you carefully describe this character, using a descriptive paragraph? Remember that you can use a thesaurus to help you find more adventurous vocabulary.

Think about describing the following: 

  • his eyes/eyebrows
  • his hair
  • his clothes 

Reading - Read this poem a verse at a time, and answer the questions about the verse to check your understanding. Click on the link here: Comprehension of Poems

Science - can you investigate materials and their properties? Using the sheet below, identify the properties of as many of the items as you can. Use a dictionary to look up some words when you are unsure of the meaning. 

Then, can you explain why the different materials are used to make the different items? Think about what the item would be used for. Why is that material good for that item? Why would another material not be as useful?

Friday - 10.4.20

Maths - Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places. Watch the video here: Adding Decimals

Try the activity here: Adding Decimals with the same number of Decimal Places

Writing - Retell the story of Easter using as many details as you can. Can you remember the different stages that we looked at during our R.E. lessons? Can you try to use some fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases?

Spelling - Practice spelling words that sound like they end in 'el' (social, crucial etc.) hereWords that end in 'el'

Remember to take a quiz at the end to see how well you have done! 

Art/D&T - draw, design and decorate your own Easter egg or Easter bonnet. Get creative and think outside the box! Is your egg a character from a film? Could your egg be causing mischief? What accessories are on your bonnet? Is your bonnet two things in one?

Continuous Learning

Comprehension Skills - listen to David Walliam's story. Summarise what happens in the story in no more than 50 words. What was your favourite part of the story? Why? What was your least favourite part? Why? Would you recommend the story to a friend? Why or why not?


Purple Mash - New 'To Do's have been set on Purple Mash for this week. Don't forget to hand in your fabulous work!


Accelerated Reading - Make sure you read and quiz on your book!


Times Table Rockstars - Keep practising your times tables! Can you beat your friends?


Daily 10 - Keep up and improve your mental maths skills using the Daily 10 Challenge. 


P.E. Lessons - Follow Joe Wicks and his online P.E. lessons to make sure you are keeping fit and moving whilst at home. Remember that exercise benefits your mental well-being too! Tune in to his YouTube channel at 9am Monday-Friday for his live videos.


The Kid Should See This - some cool videos on all different kinds of topics! Find one that interests you. Can you create an information leaflet or poster to tell someone else about it?

Important Reminders



Homework will be given out on a Friday and is expected to be back in by the following Wednesday. Homework is important because it improves your memory. It also allows you to extend your learning by applying it to new situations! 



For this half term P.E. will fall on a Monday (Outdoor Games) and Tuesday (Gymnastics). Please remember to bring in your P.E. kit. As we are in the colder months please make sure you bring an extra jumper and jogging pants with you.



Spellings will be given out every Friday and you will be tested on a Friday, Spelling is important because it helps to aid your reading and improve your writing. 


Dates for your diary

3.3.20 – Year 5 Library Visit

5.3.20 – World Book Day

11.3.20 – Science Day

16.3.20 – World of Work Week

25.3.20 – Sure Start maths taster sessions (for parents and carers)

3.4.20 – Easter Eggstravaganza

3.4.20 – Finish for Easter Holidays

Year 5 Trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters

As part of our Year 5 topic of World War II, Year 5 went to Stockport Air Raid Shelters to see where people would have sheltered during the air raids. The children were amazed by how many people would fit in the tunnels below the sandstone cliff, and saw the beds people would sleep on, the toilets and kitchen they would have used and the sick bay. Children were then transported into the shoes of an evacuee and got to practice completing household chores and a gas mask drill.

Year 5 Egyptian WOW

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, Year 5 made (or at least attempted to make) pyramids out of spaghetti and marshmallows and mummified each other. The children had a great time experimenting and creating their own Egyptian wonders.