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All Saints Primary School

Aiming High

Mrs McElwee, Mrs Butt and Mrs Atherton


Special message for Year 1 children!

Summer Term

Summer 2

Our final half term in Year 2 has arrived! This half term, we are looking forward to warmer weather and some sunshine!

We are very proud of how hard the children have worked this year, despite all of the disruptions. They really have been fantastic!

Please see below for important information. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can email Mrs McElwee at s.mcelwee@allsaints-pri.manchester.sch.uk


Important Reminders



Each week, we will send a colour banded book home with your child. This book will be closely matched to the phonics phase that your child is working at. They should be able to read this book independently. 

If your child gets stuck on a word, there are are a few things that they can do to help. We encourage children to:


-Look at the picture for clues

  • Sound the word out carefully
  • - Cover a bit up (the -ing ending, for example)
  • - Look at the initial sounds and have a guess! What makes sense?
  • - Leave the word out, read to the end of the sentence and then have another go

When you hear your child read, please ask them questions to check their understanding.

Please sign your child's Reading Record and leave a comment when they have read their book.

We will also send home a story book each week for your child to share with an adult. We hope you enjoy this!

Please send book bags to school every day.



In Year 2, children need to practise fast recall of times tables facts. Times Tables Rock Stars is a fantastic resource that will help them to do this at their own pace.

Children should be accessing Times Tables Rock Stars each week as part of their maths homework.

Each child has their own log in for Times Tables Rock Stars. If you need a reminder of this, please just ask.

In addition to this, a maths activity will be set on Seesaw every other week. 



P.E. this half term

This half term, children will have Outdoor Games on Fridays. Gymnastics will be taught during the week beginning 28th June.  Please send your child's PE kit to school as soon as possible. We have limited space in the classroom for PE kits. You can help by sending your child's kit in a small bag or a named carrier bag. Many thanks. 




Science Week - May 

Year 2 learned about the famous Scientist Sir Isaac Newton. He discovered that sunlight is made up from all of the colours of the rainbow. He also discovered that gravity is the force that keeps us all on the ground.

We made our own rockets that defied gravity and we experimented with force and trajectory. 

In Year 2, we love reading! Reading helps us to relax and makes us feel happy. We enjoy reading stories, comics,

non-fiction books and lots more. We know that reading for just 10 minutes every day can make a difference. 


This half term we have enjoyed designing and making our own puppets! The sewing was tricky but we had lots of patience and we were very pleased with the end products. Have a look at some of our fantastic puppets below. 

Where the Wild Things Are

We really enjoyed the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. We made our own 'wild thing' masks and 

acted out the story outside. Our favourite part was when the 'wild rumpus' started!

Please read as much as you can with your child at home.

Just 10 minutes a day will make a difference.