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Please use the Reception link below for more information on what life is like in Reception! 

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Welcome to Reception! Miss Hullah and Miss Mannion are looking forward to meeting our lovely new Reception class! 

Welcome to Reception!  

Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage. If you have any questions, please call school to make an appointment to speak to one of the Foundation Stage staff; we are always happy to help! 


Things to remember 

  • Children will take part in PE activities including dance, gymnastics and ball games. Children will not yet need a PE kit in Reception class; a letter will be sent home when PE Kits are needed. PE kits will be a white t-shirt, black shorts and pair of pumps.

  • Children will bring home a reading pack. Books will be changed on a Wednesday each week; please bring reading packs every day. We have set up a system to ensure that books can be left for 72 hours before being sent home.

  • All children in Foundation Stage will receive fruit each morning.

  • Milk is available for Reception children for a small fee, please see the main office for details.

  • All children will receive homework in a homework book each week including a piece of literacy or maths and a piece of phonics relating to the sounds that are being taught in school! Homework is due each Wednesday and will be sent back out on a Friday afternoon. Please let a member of staff know if you would like any help with homework; we are always happy to help!

  • If you have any other questions or queries, please feel free to contact Miss Hullah on s.hullah@allsaints-pri.manchester.sch.uk We are always here to help and support!  




During this half term we will be focusing on the topic 'All About Me.' Throughout of our topic we will be reading a range of books about families including 'Owl Babies' and 'Stanley's Stick'. We will be learning all about who we are, where we come from, what we look like, different families, who is in our family and who lives in our house. We will be using our stories to complete lots of fun activities e.g. self portraits, family trees and house building! We have put lots of key words and information about our new topic onto the knowledge organizer which can be downloaded at the top of the page. 






During Autumn Term 1, we will be playing lots of games to help us to recognise and order numbers 1-10. We will be practicing counting up to 10 using lots of different songs, rhymes and counting activities e.g. 10 little speckled frogs. We will also be using number cards and games to help children to order numbers correctly up to 10. Children will also be learning how to match numeral to quantity e.g. counting out 10 owls onto number 10 to make a match. Children will join in with one Maths group time every day with their key person. During Autumn Term 1, we will begin to focus on 'shape, space and measure' where we will be comparing the length, weight and capacity of different objects; we will be using water, bottles, measuring scales and rulers to help us to measure and compare! 






 Each half term we will be choosing books related to our specific topic to read during literacy lessons which will be the focus of our work. During Autumn Term 1, we will be using different books related to our topic 'All About Me'. We will be beginning the half term with the story 'Owl Babies', a story about a family of owls looking for their lost mummy owl. This story is very repetitive and helps children to join in with the repeated lines; the children will be using the story to help make name labels for the owls. The children will then be reading the story 'Stanley's Stick', a story about a little boy who uses his stick for lots of different things e.g. a magic wand! We will be using the story to write what we would like to turn our stick into! 





Every day the children will take part in a phonics session; during phonics children will be learning and practicing how to read and write. Everyday children will learn a new sound which they will learn how to say, read and write. During Reception, children will be taught phase 2-3 phonics which will begin with letters of the alphabet and short 3 letter words e.g. hat and will then progress to sounds with 2 letters and longer words e.g. fish. During Autumn Term 1, children will be beginning phase 2 phonics where they will be practicing how to recognise and write letters of the alphabet and further use these phonemes to segment and blend simple words. We will be playing lots of reading and writing games to help us to practice using our sounds. 


Please find an example below of Miss Hullah teaching a short phonics activity so that you can see how we do it in school!


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