Welcome to Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

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Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome to Nursery in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We are really pleased that our new children have settled so well into our Nursery class. 

For support or any questions please contact Mrs Taylor on 


 We are always happy to help! 



Spring 2

Now that we are all settled into school, we will spend lots of time playing, learning new skills, building on friendships, talking to both adults and children and developing our independence.


We will also have lots of fun reading, singing, dancing and taking part in activities that are linked to our new topic 'Under the Sea'.  

Under the Sea




                                Please see our class Knowledge Organiser for more information about our topic and activities that you can complete at home.                        











In Literacy our learning will be based around two fantastic stories, 'Tip, Tap Went the Crab' and 'The Storm Whale'. 






 We will talk about the stories, re-tell them in our own words, draw pictures of our favourite characters and write labels for them. We will also describe the characters in the stories and make our own story maps and class book. While reading, we will look at the different types of sea creatures, learn about where they live around the world, how to take care of the oceans and what different sea creatures eat. We will also learn new words to describe what the sea creatures look like, and encourage children to share ideas about the stories and ask lots of questions.                         



We will be sharing the texts in our key groups and then following on our learning through activities in our continuous provision both inside and outside.


 We will also be focusing on writing our names,  giving meaning to the marks in our drawings and listening for/writing the initial and other sounds in words. .

We will  be encouraging children to join in with stories, songs and rhymes, as well as speaking to others and re-telling the familiar stories to our friends using pictures and story maps.







In Maths we will be counting, saying one number for each item in order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and knowing that the last number reached when counting a set of objects tells us how many there are in total.  We will also be linking numbers to amounts, with numbers up to 5 and then 10.  We will do lots of this learning through games, songs and number rhymes.





 We will also be comparing objects - in relation to size, length, weight and capacity. 








Reading Packs

Every child in Nursery has a reading pack.  Inside is a story for you to share together. It is a great opportunity to spend quiet time together at the end of a busy day. When reading, encourage your child to join in with repeated parts of the story, talk about what they can see in the pictures and add actions.  When you have finished, ask lots of questions about the story such as 'who is in the story?', 'where is the story set?' and 'what happened in the story?'.  We will change your reading book each week, please bring in your reading pack every day.






In Nursery we take part in daily Read Write Inc phonics sessions - these involve learning new songs and rhymes, listening to and making different sounds with our bodies, voices and instruments and finding words that rhyme.  We will also continue to learn letter sounds this half term - thinking about what sound our own name begins with and what sound different objects start with. We will be sorting objects by their first sound and thinking about words that begin with the same sound - alliteration. We will be doing lots of 'Fred Talk' games, where we listen for and then blend the sounds in words e.g. c-a-t.






Home learning

Children will bring home a 'home learning' book.  Each week there will be a song, activity, story or game to play and talk about at home. New home learning will be given out on a Friday, please return by the following Thursday.