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Aiming High

Please scroll down to see the pictures from our brilliant reading festival, we had so much fun! 

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Welcome to Reception!  

Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage. If you have any questions, please call school to make an appointment to speak to one of the Foundation Stage staff; we are always happy to help! 

Please use the Reception link below for more information on what life is like in Reception! 

Reception Link- https://padlet.com/shullah/mi9fjnco47fntwmh

Reception Teacher – Miss Hullah

Reception Key Person – Miss Mannion 



                                                              Miss Hullah                                     Miss Mannion 



European Day of Languages The Dutch flag - All about the flag of Holland - Holland.com

Reception had so much fun on European Day of Languages, we learnt all about the country Holland! 

We did lots of fun activities to help us to learn all about Holland! We began our day by learning how to say

 hello in Dutch which is 'Hallo', the children all had a practice saying this to each other. We then had lots 

of fun learning which colors are in the Holland flag and used our paints and colors to create our own flags. 

At snack time, we really enjoyed trying some traditional Holland food including Dutch caramel waffles 

and some Edam cheese, we got to talk about what we liked and didn't like about the food!

To finish our day, we had lots of fun listening to and dancing to some traditional Holland music, we decided

that it sounded different to the songs that we usually listen to but we really liked them! 


Reading Festival

Reception had so much fun at the reading festival for world book day! We enjoyed making book marks, reading our favorite stories, listening to stories by the campfire and eating ice-cream in our reading gazebo! 


Things to remember 

  • Children will take part in PE activities including dance, gymnastics and ball games. Children will not yet need a PE kit in Reception class; a letter will be sent home when PE Kits are needed. PE kits will be a white t-shirt, black shorts and pair of pumps.

  • Children will bring home a reading pack. Books will be changed on a Wednesday each week; please bring reading packs every day. We have set up a system to ensure that books can be sanitized and left for 72 hours before being sent home

  • All children in Foundation Stage will receive fruit each morning.

  • Milk is available for Reception children for a small fee, please see the main office for details.

  • All children will receive homework in a homework book each week including a piece of literacy or maths and a piece of phonics relating to the sounds that are being taught in school! Homework is due each Wednesday and will be sent back out on a Friday afternoon- please let a member of staff know if you would like any help with homework, we are always happy to help! A copy of the phonics homework will also be available on Tapestry. 

  • If you have any other questions or queries, please feel free to contact Miss Hullah on s.hullah@allsaints-pri.manchester.sch.uk We are always here to help and support!  



During this half term we will be focusing on the topic of 'Once Upon a Time'. We will be learning all about traditional tales including the 'The Little Red Hen' and 'There Is No Dragon In This Story'. We will also be reading some of our favorite fairy tales including 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We will be using the stories to engage in role play, make castles and create a puppet show. We will be starting with the story 'The Little Red Hen' and we will be using the story to learn how to make our own bread. The children will be using the flour in the classroom to make their own bread for the hen! The children will then be reading ‘There Is No Dragon In This Story’ and we will be using the story to describe the characters and to make our own dragons. 




We have been learning a lot in our Maths lessons so far this year. During Summer Term 1, the children will be continuing to practice their number recognition with numbers 1-20, matching numeral to quantity to 20 and using resources to count out 1-20 objects. Our main focus during Summer Term 1 will be supporting the children to count one more and one less of numbers up to 20. Children will also be practicing doubling, halving and sharing with numbers to 20. 




Each half term we will be choosing books to focus on during literacy lessons which will be the focus of our work. During Summer Term 1, we will be using different books related to our topic 'Once upon a time'. Our first book focus will be the story 'The Little Red Hen', a story about a hen who is sad because nobody will help her to make bread. We will be using the story to describe the characters, write captions about the characters and write letters to the other animals in the story. We will also be using the story to learn how to make bread and we will be writing instructions for what to do. Our second book focus will be 'There Is No Dragon In This Story.' We will be using this story to describe characters, order the story and create our own story map! The children will be focusing on sentence writing this half term and trying to use their high five sentence writing criteria- making sure we use our phonics to sound out, capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and making sure our work makes sense! 




Every day the children will take part in a phonics session. During phonics children will be learning and practicing how to read and write. Everyday children will learn a new sound which they will learn how to say, read and write. During Reception, children will be taught phase 2-4 phonics which will begin with letters of the alphabet and short 3 letter words e.g. hat and will then progress to sounds with 2 letters and longer words e.g. fish. During Summer Term 1, children will be continuing Phase 3 phonics where they will be learning to recognize digraphs (2 letter sounds e.g. sh) and trigraphs (3 letter sounds e.g. igh). We have been playing lots of reading and writing games to help us to practice using our sounds, we are now going to make sure we can read and write our sounds in sentences. 

Please find an example below of Miss Hullah teaching a short phonics activity so that you can see how we do it in school!


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