School Prospectus

 We hope that this booklet will give you a picture of life in our school and will be of some help to you in becoming familiar with the school rules and routines ensuring that you and your child feel at home here.

 You are always welcome in school. We value any help and advice you can give us to help us to do the very best we can for your child.

  We aim to provide a happy, safe and secure school environment in which every child is able to achieve their full potential.  We encourage each child to work with other people, both adults and children, to be proud of their achievements and to appreciate each other’s achievements.

 Children are expected to behave in a responsible and co-operative way and our discipline is based on the principle of praise and reward for worthwhile efforts and achievements.  We encourage courtesy, good manners and consideration for others.

 If there is anything which you feel has been left out or you would like further information please get in touch with the office.

 We look forward to a long and happy partnership between home and school.

 This information is correct at the time of going to press. However, there may be changes in part or whole and details may be given through amendments notified to parents/carers as they occur.