SEND at All Saints Primary


All Saints is a one form entry mainstream school and we have children from Nursery age to year 6 and 235 children. We are committed to providing a broad curriculum for all children. Children are taught an innovative, engaging and challenging curriculum in semi open plan spaces. All children, including those with SEND, are supported to make the best possible progress.

We identify any additional needs a child may have as early as possible. We do this through concerns raised by parents/carers, teachers or teaching assistants or any external agencies and previous schools that may have been involved with the child. All teachers and teaching assistants within the school work hard to ensure that all children, whatever their ability, achieve well. Any concerns that a teacher has after putting strategies in place to support children will be referred to the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) and Inclusion Team through an Inclusion Team referral form. They will then review any new referrals at our weekly Inclusion Meeting. Parents and carers will be kept informed throughout the process. If it is felt that the next step would be to place a child on the SEN register, and an IEP/IBP will be written for the child with measurable targets set. These will be reviewed termly, with new actions being decided at each point. It is important to have the input of parents and carers, as well as teachers at each review point. If further support is required, we may refer to our on-site speech therapist or an educational psychologist. Parental permission will be obtained prior to referral.  We support all children through “quality first” teaching as well as the graduated approach.


Who are the best people to talk to about your child’s difficulties?

We know that parents or Carers may be concerned about their child’s learning or progress, in this instance we would first encourage them to speak to the Class teacher. Concerns are then passed to our Inclusion Team.

Our Inclusion Team are:

  • SENDCo:  Mrs Jessica Reed
  • Inclusion Manager: Mrs Tracey Reed-Morrison.
  • Interim Deputy Head Teacher- Carolyn Doherty
  • Pastoral Lead: Miss Gemma Latham.

The Inclusion Team can be contacted on 0161 223 9325 or by email: - SENDco - Inclusion


Please click on the following links below to read our SEND information report, SEND Policy and Accessibility Plan.


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