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All Saints Primary School

Aiming High

Belle Vue Street, Gorton, Manchester
Lancashire, M12 5PW


Sport Premium 2014-15

This year the school received £8,633 as part of the primary school sport premium funding.

This funding is going to be used to help support and develop the areas within the school that could be improved as a result of the audit carried out by Mr. Hunter and suggestions taken from School Council.

An Ofsted report on the use of the sport premium published the following recommendations:

Schools should:

Ensure that their strategic plans for using the new funding include clear, measurable targets for improvement

The school has a target to increase the participation in after school sports and competitions as well as after school clubs. We have also been developing our assessment system for PE. Mr. Hunter is working on the 2014-15 position statement and action plan for PE development.

Clearly show how school leaders will evaluate the impact that the premium is having on improving PE and sports provision

The impact of sports coaches (Och from WSE) at lunchtimes and after school is being measured by the progress in physical development and participation levels. We now can proudly say that 100% of our children get to work with a specialist coach from years 1-6 on a fortnightly basis In addition, we have been increasing our participation in inter and intra school competitions, from last year we have increased this by 300%

Regularly monitor the work of specialist PE teachers and sports coaches to ensure that their teaching and coaching are consistently good

Mr. Hunter with support from Mrs. Fisk, Miss. Latham and Miss. Dale has implemented a well-structured programme to enhance the basic skills of the pupils in the school at lunch times. Observations of the Sports Coach in delivering the sessions in Lower and Upper school sessions are noted with verbal feedback given to support and then enhance future practice.

Ensure that the professional development of staff is systematically planned and tailored to the individual needs of teachers and classroom assistants

Mr. Hunter has been working with teachers in supporting the delivery of the PE curriculum. This has been with consultation and dialogue to teachers and teaching assistants in the planning, PE resources and assessment tools after school provision. In the academic year 2015-16 this is going to be developed further with more training and support given as a result of the PE audit and review of 2014-15.

Monitor the impact of professional development to ensure a lasting legacy of consistently good teaching of PE

Mr. Hunter has used some of the funding money to train Sports leaders through the Change for Life Programme to support Lower school activities at lunchtime. Change for Life Clubs happen at Lunchtimes and after school. He has also given teachers the opportunity to attend the following training to improve their subject knowledge and skills:

  • All Teacher and lunch time organisers- FUNdamentals
  • Miss. Dale- Change for Life
  • Mr. Hunter- FA Football
  • Miss. Skerritt- Kwik Hockey
  • Mr. Goodfellow- Tag Rugby
  • Miss. Cittanova- Basketball

Identify ‘non-participants’ in extra-curricular sport and provide additional activities to encourage their immediate and longer-term participation in sport and physical activity

ALLchildren in Year 1-6 get the opportunity to work with our lunch time specialist coaches at least once a fortnight. At the end of each half term this then involves intra school competitions.

Year 1-6 Irish dancing (Performances during assembly)

Lower school- Multi-skills after school club

Upper school badminton/table tennis after school club

Upper school mixed sports after school club

Upper school karate

Year 5 and Year 6 have competed in several inter school competitions such as football and athletics.

Change 4 life lunchtime club and after school clubs

Passport 2 Sport at lunch times has seen children encouraged to participate in a rage of sports, both traditional and modern, innovative physical activities such as BMX riding, handball, athletics, tag rugby, basketball, lacrosse and kwik-cricket.

Fundamentals After School Club-Specifically identified children to encourage more participation in physical activity/sport.

On our school website, we also have links to several local community clubs or places of interest such as The Manchester Climbing Centre, The Velodrome, GKC Karate, Delamere Rangers JFC to make sure children can access and continue to develop their physical activities outside of school too.

As a result of our extensive data and timetabling we have managed to raise the numbers of children taking part in at least 1 sports club/activity from 64% to 100% and attending 2 or more from 42% to 86% over the year so far.

Last year we offered 10 sporting/physical activities during lunch times and after school but we have now got 16 clubs that have been offered or are running so far with even more to come.

Introduce activities specifically aimed at enabling their most able pupils to achieve high standards in PE and sport

Since 2005 All Saints has hosted a Sports Day with a view to raising pupil’s aspirations for sporting achievement. The participation for all in a series of activities throughout the day. This gives a great opportunity to highlight, identify and assess children that show high standards in certain areas.

We are also reviewing how we can make our successful Sports Days even more competitive with a key focus being on the more able children and gifted and talented to raise their standards even higher. Mr. Hunter will be asking children and School Council for their ideas on this matter.

We are fortunate enough to have several children who have a particular high standard in a range of sports. At all Saints, we have a World Champion in karate after initially starting the lunchtime club 3 years ago. GKC Karate with Sensei Lowe and has gone on to achieve great success and we have also in recent years have had several regional and national champions start their careers at All Saints in karate. We have children who play for Football Academies such as Oldham, Rochdale and Manchester City after being spotted with our local football feeder club Delamere Rangers, of which Mr. Hunter is also a sporting coach. We also have a child who is a regional and national champion at swimming and is highly rated by professionals with a hope of going on to compete at the future Olympics!

Gifted and talented children are challenged during lessons and given further objectives.

Mr. Hunter will be continuing to look at ways to challenge and extend these children even more and identify our new up and coming children who show great potential in certain sporting/physical activities.

Forge links with a wider range of external sports clubs to achieve sustainable ways of engaging all pupils in physical activity and sport

Children are being signposted towards local sports clubs including karate, football and rugby. Opportunities are given for children via our school website to go and find out about other local community clubs in the area that they may want to seek out such as BMX riding or boxing.

Work closely with parents and carers and local health agencies to promote the health and well-being of all pupils, especially those who are overweight or obese.

The school works hard to promote the health and well-being of all pupils from healthy food selections options at lunch times and the delivery of physical activity sessions at lunch times/after school via FUNdamentals for Lower school and Change for Life for Upper school.

Some of the science and project units of work also lend themselves to support and promote the health and well-being of pupils and are discussed during warming up activities for sessions.


Spending area


Autumn 2014

PE Admin and CPD

£50.00 PE Insurance

£350.00 PE Partnership/Passport 2 Sport


Autumn 2014

Resources and equipment

Outdoor Lunchtime provision (Physical Activity)

Outdoor Games and dance resources







Spring 2015

Five lunchtime sessions =

£90 per week



Spring 2015

PE Kit


Spring 2015

FS Physical Activities


Summer 2015

Sports Day

Stickers, Certificates