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All Saints Primary School

Aiming High

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Thursday's Bloggers

Year 5

Jack Pennington:

hello mum i am coming home tomorrow a and i have been missing you and today i went cannoeing and i jumped in at the end and also i went on the zip wire with my group we did a treaser hunt and i got 27 in it and i realy did enjoyed it.And tomorrow we are going to the dead shed and tonigh we ar having ghlly heads go talant.And i am going to see you tomorrow when i come home lots of Love from your son JackPenno xxxxxxxxx

Jayden Gratt

Today it is Ghyll Heads got tallent , I am in 3 groups. I did Ghyll scrambuling it was fun.

Miss you Gran ,xxxxxx.

Tia Booth

Today  i went caving and i was scared but i got through all 3 of them and at the end i was fine and i went back through number 3 with no adult. I am singing and dancing for Gyhll Heads got talent.

Keaton Heeney

Hi Family I will be back home  Tomorrow is Liam,Kieran, and my Dad,Mum ok . And is my playstation2 in my room now I love you use's very much  I will be back in the morning  I miss you very very much see you   tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jessica Thompson:

Hi family I miss you lots and lots I will see you tomorow.

Tonight we are going to be doing tuck and ghyll heads got talent and im doing an act with tia and ellie knight were doing move by little mix and then no place id rather be.

Mum,Dad,Frankie,Brad,Ben,Brooklyn and my best dog Tyson xxx.

Kielan Roberts:

today i went on a small zipwire  and went to the dead shed if. the dead shed is a shed were it have stuff that are dead 

Jack Pinches

 to mum i am having a grate time i am doing three things for Ghyll head has got talant one with bradon one as a growp and one on my onye 


keane hughes

today i done ghyll scarmblinging and miss action saved a fish.

today is ghyll head gots talent i need some good luck.  

Nuod Berhane:

Today I went canoeing on Lake Windermere and Ellie jumped into the water and got soaked. Then this afternoon I went on the zip wire and did a treasure hunt.

William Itela:

Hi I really miss you and I hope you are OK. Tomoromo I will be back from ghyll head and I cant wait to be home and I keep safe.

Blake Sweeney:

hey guys what's  up i am douing  grate  and today i went canuwing and sipwiering 

i am missing you lots lol ha! ha! ha! ha! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol kiss?

Joshua Taylor:

Hi, Mum yesterday I whent caving and today I whent on the big zip-line when I was going down it was really fast and I was up really high it was awsome.While I was caving I got stuck in one of the caves and I couldent move but the best thing was when I went down the slide in the cave.

Meecah Cylia Lopo:

Hi mummy again and family my first day in ghyll head was very fun.  On thursday i went on the zip wire it was fun. i miss you so much ill see you on friday when i come back.  I love you by

Jayden Dawson:

Today at Ghill head I have done, ghill scrambling and it was really easy and I done pare curing skills are challenge was to not get wet and about 5 people got wet and the water was freezing.And i'm glad that i'm going home becaues I missed my mum so much I can't wait to see my mum, yesterday I went caving and it was fun and I felt conident  and later I was confident

Brandon McAnaw:

hi family, i went kaving today is was awsome missing u lots xxx

Oliver McDermott Jones:

Today I went ghyll scrambling and got soaked ;] LOL and I went to the ded shed ;] miss you lots but I am having a great time mum!! 

Dylan Thomas:

Hi, Ive had lots of fun caving today.  We had to find our way back through the cave without our instructor.  Looking forward to coming home to see my family!

Lexi Sahadeo:

Hi,It has been a fantastic day today. Yesterday we went caving for the whole day. We went in three caves. Today we did Ghyll scrambling and we did orienteering. Missing you very much!


Year 6

Mikayeel Uddin:

Today has been a good day today as I went Cannoeing, Zip Wire and Orientating with Miss Rogers and our instructer Jackie. Tommorow me and my group will be going to Archery and Dead Shed before we come back and see you all back at school.  Later today, we are going to do Ghyyl Head got Talent and I will be taking part!!See you all tommorow!!

Andrew Mwale:

Hey guys, Andy here. I really miss you all but I am having a great time so don't worry about me thanks for being such good friends see ya. 

Subhaan Khan:

hi today we went to the zip wire! And i hit miss Acton 2 times with some balls.

Later on we went Ghyll Scrambling and Miss Acton saved our fishy friend flappy.

wish me luck i'm performing im Ghyll heads got talant! 

Connor Mulvey:

hay  guys.  i  really  miss  you   but   i  am    having   a  great  time 

Ellie Knight

To Mum,dad,Tallulah,Harrison

Yesterday I went caving ! (very scary!) it was good fun we went into a kids only cave and I was the leader.

Also we went into a cave which had very small spaces in !

Today we went Ghyll  scrameling and orienteering we had a treasure hunt and me and Lexi won !!!!!!!!!!

we went on a zip wire and had to climb over a big big big wall xx   

love from ellsebellse xxxxx<3


Today we went canneoing we sailed across Lake windermere then when we got back we got to junp in

Then after lunch, we went on the zip wire I hit my bum on the wood at the top of the tower but I had fun. then we did some orienteering I got 8/24

happy birthday mum

Oliver WH

Dear family yesterday at ghyll head we went on a massive zipwire it was amasing,after that we did orentering where you have to find something like a card and stamp your slip off papper at night we had a campfire where we had to sing and roast marshmellows. today we went caveing and we went througt smallwormholles see you tomarowxxxxxxxx.

Kayley Chung 

Today I spent the whole day at Yorkshire. We went in to three caves and in the last one the teacher and the instructure went out the other way and we had to find our way out. We also learnt about Boggots. I did all the activitiys this week. My favourite activity is canoeing. I even walked on water.

bye xxx


Dear Dad,

I'm having a great time and I did  Ghyll scrambling today and I slide down rocks into water and sat down in it. After that, I did 7 activitis  and tommrow I'm going to do zipe-wire and I'm going to do Ghyll Heads Got Talent and me and my friends are going to do a MINCRAFT SONG! and it's called TNT song.

kane lewis

Dear family  i am having a great time at ghyll head and i have went caving canoeing and rock climbing xxx


Havimg an amazing time! Went yorkshore and did caving! Also yesterday i went on the BIG zipwire! sooo fun.

see you tommorow!


Holly Jackson:

Hey guys i am really happy and im coming home tommorow we have got Ghyll heads got talent tonight cant wait ! i am missing you like mad cant wait to see you tommorow xxxxxx Love this place to the moon and back same with my family xx

Lorelle Longshaw

hi family a couple of days ago i was having a nice time i am still but my stomach is hurting  but anyways  im glad that i will be coming home tomorrow and today i went on the zip-wire and  it was high and we also went ghyll-scrambling love you and miss you bye xxxx

Keane HP

I am happy that i am coming home tomorrow and today i done caving

and i saw fossils of fish xxx


Miss Acton

Today I have been Ghyll Scrambling, it was very challenging but lots of fun.Having a lovely time. Cant wait to see all of Year 2 and hear what they have been doing whilst we have been away :)

Miss Skerritt

Today I have been caving with my group. Really enjoying myself but looking forward to coming home and seeing my class again on Monday morning - ive missed you :)